What is the Dream Academy? 

 I've met so many brilliant nurses who get burned out by the red tape that seems to keep them from school acceptance. There are so many tedious tasks to complete before the interview. So many things to research. So many questions to answer. But what if someone else did the research for you? What if every question you thought to ask had already been asked, researched, and thoughtfully answered?

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To-Do Lists and Where to Start

If you're fresh out of high school, your to-do list will look very different than if you are an ICU nurse with 1-year of experience in a level one trauma center.

As your pre-CRNA school coach, I will show you where to start and which roadblocks to steer clear of. 

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The Big 4: GPA, GRE, ICU & CCRN

Getting these 4 things right is about 80% of your application. As these will take up the majority of your time and attention before you apply, we're devoting a large section to them.

Come here to find the most efficient route through these hurdles. I'll hook you up with the best resources and point you towards success. 

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CRNA School Selection

This is my favorite section by far because it's where my passion lies. Basing major life decisions on objective evidence and clear logic is something I find great freedom in.

We've been refining the CRNA school finder for almost a decade now, so I'll show you how to get the most out of this tool and use it to save thousands of dollars. 

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Applying to CRNA School

To be an amazing nurse, you need to excel in science and have a heart for people.

You need an entirely different set of skills to apply to CRNA school: administrative skills. 

A lack of these skills has kept many otherwise well-qualified nurses from achieving their ultimate dream of becoming a CRNA. Allow me to lead you through this process and help you find success. 

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The CRNA School Interview

Most applicants I talk to wait entirely too long before they begin preparing for the CRNA school interview. By the time you get an invitation to interview, you only have a few weeks to prepare. For most people, this is not enough time. 

Have faith in yourself and in the process. Believe you will be invited to interview and prepare accordingly. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you convince someone else to believe in you? 

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Download Central

Each section has several downloads that are designed to improve your experience.

Find them all here, together in one place for your downloading convenience.